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  •   product name : Paprika Pods
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  •   On sale time : 2015-05-12
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    Item: Paprika Pods 
    ASTA: 40ASTA—80ASTA, 100ASTA—240ASTA,> 240ASTA 
    Length: 10cm up
    Humidity: 15%-17%
    Hotness: < 350 SHU 
    Specification: With or Without Stem, Water-cleaned or dry-cleaned to get rid of stone and dust, No foreign substance, No Sudan Red,No Salmonella, Aflatoxin Total < 10 ppb, Ochratoxin A < 10 ppb
    Package: 40kg/60kg/80kg compressed bag,10kg/ vacuum bag,25LBS/carton, or packing as customer’s requirement

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